Friday, February 11, 2005

What is Blogging all about ?

what is blogging all about ?

nowadays i've started to come across lots of blog sites of friends,seniors,juniors,thier favourite blogs,thier friends and so on...

now mails i recieve from friends started putting their blogsites in thier signature... just to let others know..

So what is the blog fever all about ?

> has it become like a fashion ? (when you are asked for your blog site before your girl friend and if she finds you dont have one may be your date with her comes to an end ?)

> or has it become a neccessity ? just like anemail id.. are blogs now become an essential proof of existence in the virutal world ?

> or has the idea of expressing and sharing thoughts with known and unknown faces/personalities seems attracting everyone ?

whatz this blog fever all about ? i couldnt guess !!!

my personal perspective about blogging is

It is an e-Diary to record your memorable/any insignificant event, even the number of dosa's you eat can be an legal entry ;-) [oops.. my certifciate prep has got into this..] as a blog..

but not all pages of my diary are open to all.. there are few personal pages which i have to myself... you cant always share everything with all.

when i go through few blogs (esp of my juniors .. sorry guys.. nothing personal) i just get remembered of my early diary writing days.. when i was in 8th.. during which i was writing..
today morning idly,vada was my breakfast..
today it was a boaring day..
today nirmala madam scolded me for not doing homework..

Whatever it is.. BLOGGING is all about expressing yourself !!!


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ah ha :)

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