Monday, April 10, 2006

Bringing to Limelight

Couple of years back, just the thought of someone else in the other part of the globe, reading your written works is just impossible for a newbie unless they create a wave of controversy. Whether it be stories/poetry/any subject, the then MSM (MainStream Media) was above the reach of average writters.

But now with the age of Blogshpere, the competetive environment is very nice to see, where many youngsters from nook and corners are able to express themselves and get a regular readers circle and hence get encouraged.

PRIYAN is one such blogmate, whose blog i had stumbled accidentaly from another friends blog. It was almost a year ago, and he had been continously posting his thoughts as Tamil Kavithai's (poems).

He has also posted a Tamil Kavithai Thodar (a Story like tamil poem in series), which brought him to the attention of many readers i guess.

Now, heard that he is putting his efforts to bringout his writeups as a Paper Book Publication, in meantime, i thought, let me do the very smallest of the help i could do, to bring him to limelight.

Here is where you can download some of his works as a Pdf. Hope our encouragements & critiscim get him fine tuned and help him achieve what he is now working towards.


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