Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Vandhey or Bandhey ?

Have you ever heard a Bengali singing " Vandhey Maatharam " ?

whatz so spl about it ? Just get into this >>>> Vandhey or Bandhey ?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Actions Speak Louder than Voice (and Better too)

I would never would have accepted that Actions speak louder than voice, untill yesterday.

but what happened yesterday !! what made me think that Actions not only speak louder than voice, but better too..

to know more visit >>>> Actions are Loud & Better !!! ;-)


Found an Intresting Blogging tool called Pebble.

The craze of blooging has been to that extent.. that an it has evolved as an third party application.. days of bloggers becoming included with Sun JDK isn't too far. (Indeed RFC's of Java 1.6 has this request)

u can get ur copy of java blooger in http://pebble.sourceforge.net/

thanx to the Open Source Community, whoz teaching us that sharring is real learning !!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

India in hands of Youngsters

India is a Developing Nation ... India oru Munaerum Naadu.. we've been learning this in our history books from our school days ..

have we ever looked into the real pain in hearing the repetition of this word..

can we change the future... or are we just a typical indian citizen (in otherwords.. a practical man !!!)

for more look into >>>> Inspirational Youngsters