Thursday, March 09, 2006

Leave Conscience, didnt they have little Brain

What is the ugliest Business Technique you've ever seen ?

Dont these people have Conscience, leave conscience, didnt they have even that little grey matter within their Skull before they had published this stuff ? Disguisting

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Argument Continues

Recently i was fwded this post of one of my friend Poovithal (beautiful tamil name isnt it ? :-) and was asked my views on it , and after i commented i realized that the comment itself was long enough of a seperate post

I thought, i can share my views with my blogmates. Its one of the most discussed topics in and out of the blogshpere, but still then why the heck i should have my blog :-)

now here it goes...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dont Celebrate Womens Day

No need to Keep Women at higher position and Praise them
No need to write Poems praising Women
No need to offer them a piece of bread in name of reservation
Let not the government advertise that even a girl has the right to education
Let not the government advertise that destroying foetus in terms of gender
Let there not be a Special feature film for Womens Day
Let not gifts be spent today to get appreciation from known females
Let us not celebrate a seperate day for Women

It would be enough if we could just consider and respect women that they are just another living being as men and,
It would be enough if we could plant this into the yound minds of the new generations too..

my two cents to all expecting a "Happy Womens Day" wish from the known guys and for ppl who wish for this day...

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