Monday, January 31, 2005

Changes dont Change

we used to tease our Head of the Department in the college.. withhis propieratory sentence...

"Changes are the ones in the life that doesnt changes"..

what a great philosophical thought... in a single sentence..

we didnt realize it during our college days.. may be it was because.. we were at high excited state of college fun.. or may be it was our HOD who told that sentence..( i guess.. the second one may be the reason.. cauz.. we were so busy teasing him... ;-)

now.. with things happening in my life.. that sentence is started to hit my face like the wind blowing in the opposite direction...

here is >>>> one more moment (Click Here) <<<< when i realized it again.. but in a entertaining way...

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Who to Blame ?

There are few questions that are yet to be addressed...
there are few problems yet to be solved...

did these questions or problems arise now ?!
no it has been existing
for a very looooong time.. it is exisitng.... and if not cared..
it will succeed to exist in future also..

but >>>> realizing it only now ! thatz the worst part of all :(

Thursday, January 27, 2005

LOVE is not propieratory for Humans

Is the word LOVE been copyrighted by humans..

now-adays.. the meaning of the word LOVE has been changed to an attraction between a X and Y chromosome..
but when i realized its real meaning.. it was not from the humans..
Just get into this >>>> LOVE is not propieratory for Humans to know.. who did teach me whatz LOVE is...

Hunt for Food

This is not the Stone Age, we were not in a village.. rather it was a Metropolitan City.. Still we went >>> HUNTING FOR FOOD >>> Click to know more